Our top 5 priorities

  • Conserve Australia
  • Economy, Economy, Economy
  • Stop government overreach
  • Address cost of living pressures
  • Strengthen our military

Who we are

  • Formed in August/September 2023, we're seeking members in order to become a registered political party.
  • We advocate for a stable and rational government, albeit with a smaller footprint, while avoiding extreme ideologies.
  • Ultimately, we stand to limit government overreach and restore individual freedoms and responsibilities.
  • We will stand true to our beliefs, unlike the other parties who simply negotiate their way to power.
  • We seek much greater participation and decision-making power for local communities.
  • Our priorities include reforming funding mechanisms for various federal programs.
  • We are modern conservatives who want local communities, not politicians, to help with the environment.

Our Vision

What we want Australia to look like
  • We want an Australia where good ol' values matter.
  • An Australia where the people are in charge, not government.
  • An Australia with lower taxes, and high employment.
  • Where the interest of Australians is the first priority.
  • A stable Australia with policies designed for the long term.
  • Where political correctness isn't what life is about.
  • An Australia that our kids can grow up being proud of.
  • Where individualism is encouraged opposed to conformity.
  • An Australia where parents decide what's best for their kids.
  • Where local community is more important than Canberra.

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Our Plan

How we plan to get there
Policies regarding our constitution

One of our biggest priorities is to curb government overreach, both now and for generations to come. To achieve this, we aim to establish additional safeguards that restrict the extent of government power, thereby empowering the Australian people with greater control over their affairs. The constitution is the ultimate document for defining the boundaries of government authority.

Limit government power

The constitution is a document that is akin to a rule book. A rule book on the operations of government, not people. Governments continue to try to wiggle around the constitution as if it's a hindrance. We want to write in some limits on government powers so, for example, we are not locked in our homes again by a rogue government.

Protections for cash and bank accounts

In our commitment to protecting the rights of individuals, we propose a vital amendment to safeguard the sanctity of people's bank accounts and locking in cash as legal tender. By doing so, we aim to create a barrier to any potential overreach by future governments. Your money is your money, not the governments.

Non compulsory voting & First-past-the-post

Have you ever wondered why you're forced to vote in a free society? We propose the elimination of compulsory voting. Additionally, we aim to transition from a preferential voting system to a first-past-the-post system. Having both of these systems suits politicians because the parties only then need to target the swinging voter.

Australian Sovereignty

We are dedicated to upholding Australia's alignment with and dedication to international law. However, we firmly reject any endeavours to give any international organisations any powers over Australians. We will ensure no future governments can allocate or delegate power to any entity.

General policies

In no particular order.

Increase Defence spend

Government's top priority is national defence. We aim to triple Defence spending over a five-year period. Additionally, we seek to collaborate with the defence sector to reform the procurement process, directing a significant portion of it toward Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to promote innovation.

Accountability in the Public Service

Heads of the Australian Public Service should be subject to a comparable level of accountability as company directors and board members. Public servants should remain impartial, always prioritizing the best interests of the Australian people, and devoid of political affiliations or social causes. We seek a fair and common-sense approach to ensure this.

Say No to Censorship

While the government is distracting us with the 'Voice', behind the scenes they are preparing a department akin to a 'Ministry of Truth' which would dictate what is considered true or false. This runs counter to the principles of a free democracy and should be a cause for concern for all Australians. We are committed to repealing any such legislation.

Nuclear Power

We've grown weary of the continuous debate surrounding climate change and the most effective solutions to tackle it. The clear and conclusive answer, is nuclear energy. It has a proven track record, is safe, boasts high efficiency and it's clean.

No lecturing from business

Feeling frustrated with businesses dictating which social causes to support? We advocate for the removal of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) requirements imposed on companies. Instead, we propose implementing measures to ensure corporate neutrality. Businesses should prioritize their customers over engaging in political matters.

Covid-19 Royal Commission

COVID-19 is arguably one of the most significant events of our lifetimes. However, it appears that politicians are reluctant to acknowledge both the successes and failures in handling the situation. We are committed to establishing a Royal Commission to comprehensively assess all areas of our response to the pandemic.


Your superannuation funds belong to you, not the government. We intend to enable you to use your superannuation savings for purchasing your home. Additionally, we aim to implement safeguards to ensure that your superannuation remains independent of union or political influence, allowing your funds to be invested without any bias.

The family

Families serve as the foundation of our society. We believe that parents, who understand their children's needs best, should hold the primary responsibility. It's time to reduce government intervention and empower parents and families to have more control over their children's upbringing. We will ensure laws are passed to protect the family from any government conditioning.


Education falls squarely under the jurisdiction of individual state, yet surprisingly, at the federal level, we allocate more funds to education than to our national Defence force. The education expenditure situation is in dire need of reform, and we have a comprehensive plan in place to address it.


Our proposal is to halt immigration for a period of ten years to allow our infrastructure to catch up. Currently, our roads are in disrepair and highly congested, the education system is in a state of disarray, hospitals are operating at full capacity and some states have reported wait times of nearly 10 minutes for Triple-0.

Harden child protection laws

Adults may find it perplexing when a man dresses as a woman in leather and invites children to sit on their lap for storytelling let alone a child. We are committed to strengthening child protection laws to ensure that regardless of an individual's gender or orientation, grooming behavior is treated as such.

Stop dystopian state surveillance

We endorse the responsible use of CCTV monitoring while opposing automated surveillance systems that intrude into people's identities and behaviours. Our plan involves implementing legislation to safeguard the privacy rights of individuals in Australia, ensuring a balance between security and personal freedoms.


For years, governments have been divided on effective environmental solutions. Enough of this coal/gas/wind/solar back and forth. Our approach prioritizes the implementation of nuclear power. Then, we aim to reduce government/political intervention and empower local communities to lead and innovate. If you want to protect the environment, vote for less government.

Work for the dole

On one hand, government claims there is a need for increased immigration due to labour shortages, while simultaneously, we observe a rise in welfare payments. This situation calls for a reassessment. We want to reintroduce programs like 'work for the dole,' which have proven effective in the past.


The inefficiency of the healthcare system, rather than a shortage of funding is the problem we face with Health. Money cannot resolve the problems in the sector. Similar to education, healthcare is the responsibility of the states, but the federal government, in its efforts to appear virtuous, allocates more than three times the funding to healthcare compared to Defence.

Green Armies

The Green Army was a concept proposed by a previous government that never materialized, yet we believe it had untapped potential. We endorse on the notion that it be run by community groups, supported by federal funding. Their mission would encompass activities such as tree planting, vegetation maintenance, and overall enhancement of the community's environment and surroundings.